Our Mission

Western Hills Church of Christ
is focused on being a church that creates disciples who
passionately Love God,
intentionally Love People
and actively Invite Others
to a relationship with Jesus.

Love God

Jesus said that the Greatest Command was to love God with all of our heart, soul, strength, and mind. We love God and we love helping people learn what it is like to love God and experience his love more fully. 

Love People

Jesus said that the second Greatest Command was to love your neighbor. We love people and we believe that everyone is welcome in God's church, so here we do life together. 

Invite Others

Jesus came to bring an abundant life to all people, so we invite anyone and everyone to come see the wonderful things God is doing here at Western Hills

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Confused with all the construction?

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Bible Class list


Balcony Room 1: College/Young Adults

Video Venue: 1st Corinthians

Elders’ Prayer Room: On Mission

Portable Building, Right: Young Families Class

Conference Room: Romans


Newborn to Age 2: Nursery(Room 103)


Preschool Classes: Crew Area(Upstairs)


Kindergarten to 4th Grade: Crew Area(Upstairs)



Route 56(5th and 6th Grade): Route 56 Area(Upstairs)

WHY(7th-12th Grade): Loft(Upstairs)


Any question, anytime.

There is no question too large or small to ask us about God, Jesus, or this church. We would love to help you find the answers to any questions you have.

Our Ministry Team Wants To Get To Know You!

Our staff here at Western Hills is dedicated to connecting you with Jesus. They will do anything short of sin to bring you the gospel, and if you need anything just let them know. they are always a phone call or a few taps on a screen away.